“The study of environmental problems is an exercise in despair unless it is regarded as only a preface to the study, design, and implementation of solutions”

David Orr, Ecological Literacy, 1992

Sustainability Through Writing

UCSB is committed to becoming a more sustainable community. As a signature of the Talloires Declaration and member of the Climate Action Registry, our university has promised to change its eco-footprint and to prepare students to make a difference.

The UCSB Writing Program, with initial grants from the student-funded The Green Initiative Grant (TGIF), introduced sustainability principles in professional writing courses such as Writing for Business, Writing for Science & Technology, and Writing for Environmental Studies. Several of our faculty have made sustainability a part of student research and writing. After the help of Yardi Systems and an anonymous donor funded our awards in 2011, our program has continued to recognize exemplary student writing that addresses sustainability in our annual professional writing award event.

This website is an updated version (Version 2) developed by Mr. Zak Weinberg, principal owner of EchoBoomersDesign, and Dr. LeeAnne G. Kryder, Co-director for UCSB’s Professional Writing Minor, Business Communication emphasis. Version 1 was developed by Ms. Jennifer Hutain, 2009 UCSB graduate in Global Studies and the Professional Writing Minor, Business Communication emphasis.